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New Features and Recent Developments


Cyberbanking (MPF) Account Service for BEA (MPF) Customers demonstrate FAQ New Function

Starting now, BEA (MPF) customers can open a Cyberbanking (MPF) account through our BEA (MPF) Hotline to enjoy convenient online access to MPF services.

With a Cyberbanking (MPF) account, you can check your MPF account balance, contribution history, withdrawal history, current investment, and fund information anytime, anywhere.

BEA (MPF) Hotline: 2211 1777


Cyberfund Centre demonstrate FAQ New Function

We at BEA are dedicated to ensuring that you have an exceptional electronic banking experience, each and every time. Starting now, if you are a Cyberbanking customer and maintain a securities account with a multi-currency settlement account, and have your securities account linked to Cyberbanking, you can log in to Cyberbanking to enjoy the following comprehensive online fund trading services:

- Fund search and fund news
- Unit trust subscription and redemption
- Unit trust portfolio enquiries
- Online Risk Assessment
- Order status enquiries
- Educational information on unit trusts


Passbook Gold Trading Service FAQ New Function

Cyberbanking is pleased to announce the launch of Passbook Gold Account trading service via Internet channel. Through this online service, you can trade gold, check the latest gold prices, view your Passbook Gold Account balance and transaction activities.


CyberCash Demo FAQ

If you are a BEA deposit account holder^, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of CyberCash. With CyberCash, you can manage your financial planning with greater ease.

To apply for CyberCash, simply apply via any BEA ATM in Hong Kong* or Cyberbanking's Internet / mobile phone / PDA channels. You are not required to submit any documents as part of your application. Unlike other loans, CyberCash has no arrangement fee. Once your loan has been approved, your cash will be ready for drawdown within just 2 hours.

Take advantage of CyberCash's quick and easy online application procedure by following the onscreen instructions - apply now!

^ Customers are required to have maintained a BEA deposit account for at least one year.
* Applications for CyberCash cannot be submitted at ATMs located in KCR East Rail Lo Wu Station, SOGO Department Store, and Tin Chak Estate.

To learn more, please click here to view the demo.


Cyberbanking's New Security Features: Demo FAQ

BEA is dedicated to providing you with the most secure online banking services available.

Starting from 23rd June, 2005, you are required to use either a one-time password or digital certificate to conduct the following transactions:

- Fund transfers to non-registered BEA accounts in Hong Kong or China
- Fund transfers to non-registered accounts at other local banks through CHATS or Electronic Clearing
- Bill payments to merchants under the "Banking & Credit Card Services", "Credit Services", and "Securities Trading" categories, as well as payments to the Hong Kong Jockey Club
- Set up of scheduling instructions or templates for the above-mentioned transactions
- Any new transaction types prescribed by the BEA from time to time

One-time password is a two-factor authentication solution that enhances the security of online banking transactions. A Short Message Service ("SMS") message containing a one-time password will be sent to your registered mobile phone number for you to conduct the above-mentioned transactions.

The new security features will not affect the templates you have created for the above-mentioned transaction types prior to 23rd June, 2005. You can use your templates to perform transactions as usual.

To help you become familiarised with the new requirement, you can begin to use a one-time password or digital certificate to conduct transactions starting from 30th May, 2005. Please note that you will need to log in through the following login page:

For security purposes, Cyberbanking customers must use a mobile phone number on record at BEA to receive one-time passwords. If you would like to change your mobile phone number on record, please fill in this form and return it to The Bank of East Asia.

If you have already registered your digital certificate with Cyberbanking, you can simply input your account number and Cyberbanking PIN to log in. You are only required to use your digital certificate when you conduct the above-mentioned transactions.


Cyberbanking - Mobile Phone & PDA Demo Demo

Cyberbanking's next generation mobile phone and PDA services are totally telecom-independent. This means that you do not need to register with any particular mobile network operator in order to enjoy Cyberbanking. For your added convenience, it is also no longer necessary to replace your mobile phone SIM card or pre-install software on your PDA to access services. Simply register through Cyberbanking - Internet to enjoy convenient e-banking services anytime, anywhere.

Registration is Easy!

  1. Login to Cyberbanking - Internet and register your mobile phone number, mobile network operator, and related details.
  2. Confirm your registration by inputting your password using your mobile phone or PDA.

CyberAlert Services
It is a real time voice alert service whenever you execute the transaction of fund transfer to non-designated account via Cyberbanking or cash withdraw via ATM.


Cyberbanking Renminbi Card Apply

Cyberbanking Renminibi Card ImageBEA is pleased to bring you an innovative Cyberbanking Renminbi Card that enables you to directly withdraw Renminbi and make payments from your Multi-currencies Statement Savings Account (account type '25') - CNY deposit at more than 50,000 ATMs and 400,000 merchant outlets displaying the "China UnionPay" symbol on the Mainland.

With the Cyberbanking Renminbi Card, numerous banking services, including balance inquiry, change of PIN and cash withdrawal from HKD deposit are also available through more than 140 BEA ATMs. In addition, a wide range of comprehensive Cyberbanking services also allows you to manage your personal finances 24-hour a day.


New "Bonds & Notes" FunctionDemo

Cyberbanking is pleased to announce the launch of a new "Bonds & Notes" function. Through this new service, you can place orders to buy or sell Exchange Fund Notes and check your orders, portfolio and notes prices online.


CyberWealth (Cyber Wealth Management Centre)

From now on, you can handle all your financial matters conveniently via our new CyberWealth, which includes:

  • Securities Trading (Cybertrading)
    - Buy / Sell all stocks, funds and warrants listed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, etc.
  • Linked Deposit Service
    - SupremeGold customers can perform account enquiry, rates enquiry and order placement for Currency Linked Deposit and Equity Linked Deposit.
  • FX Margin Trading (Cyber-Margin Trading)
    - Buy / Sell foreign currencies (fund transfer), enquire on margin balance; position status; interest rates and FX order status, etc.
    - Gain access to the Bank's daily, weekly and monthly FX Market Commentary.
  • Electronic Initial Public Offering (eIPO)
    - Subscribe new shares, notes, bonds or securities online.
  • Unit Trusts / Mutual Funds (CyberFund)
    - Obtain detail information on both Bank of East Asia and other companies' unit trusts and mutual funds.
  • Insurance (CyberInsurance)
    - Obtain various insurance products' information, online advisor, premium calculation, claims procedure, insurance plans application and policy inquiry.

  • Property Investment & Finance (CyberMortgage)
    - Provide DreamHouse search, property valuation, terms enquiry, mortgage calculation and account enquiry, etc.
  • Mandatory Provident Fund (CyberMPF)
    - Offer account balance enquiries, fund switching, and change of investment choices, fund price, etc.
  • Market Express
    - Get latest financial information on stock quote, market news, foreign exchange rates, etc.


Enhancements to Cyberbanking New Function

With effect from 15 December 2003, you can manage your finance in an utmost flexible through Cyberbanking:

Revise your daily transaction limit of "Fund Transfer"
Accessing the "Daily Transaction Limit" in "Other Services" function, you can reduce the following transaction limit at once:

  • Fund transfer(s) to BEA account(s) (without prior registration)
  • Fund transfer(s) to other local bank account(s) via CHATS/ Electronic Clearing and/or BEA account(s) in China (with prior registration)
  • Fund transfer(s) to other local bank account(s) via CHATS/ Electronic Clearing and/or BEA account(s) in China (without prior registration)

Suspension of bill payment services
You can also suspend all bill payment services such as CyberPayment, Bill Payment and JET Payment by accessing the "Instructions for the Suspension of Bill Payment service" in "Other Services" function via the Internet channels of Cyberbanking.

To increase the transaction limit(s) or resume bill payment services, you should visit any of our branches in person to proceed.


 Currency/Equity Linked Deposit Accounts Demo

Cyberbanking now lets you operate your Currency/Equity Linked Deposit Account online. This new service enables you to make account enquiries, rate enquiries and place orders for Currency Linked Deposits and Equity Linked Deposits through Cyberbanking - Internet quickly and conveniently.


Funds Transfer to BEA (China) Account Demo

Cyberbanking brings you an unprecedented convenience for Funds Transfer to China. From now on, you can online transfer Hong Kong Dollars from your account to other account in BEA (China) branches through Cyberbanking during services hours.


Cyberbanking - ATM Apply

Cyberbanking Card ImageCyberbanking has been equipped with Cash function. Right now, you can open a Cyberbanking account to manage your finances through all electronic channels and to access any ATMs via the networks of 'JETCO' and 'PLUS' to manage your cash by a Cyberbanking Card.


Online Credit Card Account Services for BEA Credit Cardholders
BEA Credit Cardholders can simply use their credit card numbers and ATM PINs to login Cyberbanking*, and enjoy online credit card account services. The services include credit card balances and account activity enquiry, bill payments and gift redemption.

* Only those Cardholders whose credit card accounts are valid and in good standing are eligible to use the service. The service is not applicable to corporate card, CASH VISA Card, supplementary card and CyberCard.


Online Services for MyInsurances
Cyberbanking enables you to enjoy a series of exclusive banking services in a single account. You can simply click into "MyPortfolio - MyInsurances" to add and view your Insurance Policy for new services including summary of insurance policy, premium payment reminder, etc.


New Concept of Funds Transfer and Payment
From now on, you can schedule multiple-time scheduled instruction for funds transfer and payment via Cyberbanking anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you can enquire, edit and delete the scheduled instructions. With this new service, you are free from missing any important funds transfer and payment.

To set-up a scheduled instruction, you just need to select the execution date, transfer methods# and deposit account or merchants then the Bank will execute it on the execution date. What's more, you can choose to set-up mutiple-time scheduled instructions.

Template Function Extended to 230 Merchants of Payment
You can save the details of funds transfer and payment in your template for future use. It is convenient and time-saving.

Comprehensive E-mail Alert Function
By registering your e-mail address, a personal e-mail alert will reach your designated e-mail address three working days before the scheduled instruction executed. It provides an unprecedented convenience for managing your finances.

Easy to Use
With a pop-up calendar, you can assign the designated execution date and expiry date of scheduled instructions at your fingertip. Moreover you can click 'Check Balance' to enquire the latest balance of your selected withdrawal account.

Besides, a summary of all single-time and multiple-time scheduled instructions are listed on the 'Payment Scheduler' and 'Transfer Scheduler' for your easy reference.

You just need to register Cyberbanking to enjoy an innovative and comprehensive banking service.

#Only applicable to funds transfer to BEA accounts (for same currency transfer only) and funds transfer to other local bank accounts (for Hong Kong Dollar transfer only).

MyCyberWorld - An Infinity of Innovations
Cyberbanking takes the world of banking to another level with its infinite reaches of innovation. Now, it opens up a new concept of personal banking - MyCyberWorld - giving you innovative banking services with which you can have absolute control over your finances in a competitive market.

With one single account number, you will be free to access up to 12 related accounts and enjoy a wide range of banking services through different electronic channels.

  • MyPortfolio, it shows the profile of your different accounts and assets,including those held at other banks, at a glance. It also allows you to manage all financial instruments under one roof.
  • MyAccounts - Provides an integrated overview of all your bank accounts, including those held at other banks.

    MyStocks - Keeps track of your securities holdings and market values, even if your investments are held with different securities companies.

    MyProperties - Allows you to have an updated value of specified properties anytime, giving you a clear picture of the property market.

    MyInsurance - Keeps track of your policy values, sum insured and coverage.

    MyLoans - Summarises your loan profiles and assists you in managing your liquidity.

    MyCreditCards - Manages your credit card payments and helps you avoid overdue interest with a credit card payment reminder.

    MyBills - Allows you to schedule your payment instructions (maximum for 1 year) for specified bills including telecommunications, insurance, credit card, public utilities and government institutions. Includes "Bill Presentment" function to view your electronic bills over the internet.

  • Cybertrading, real-time stock quotes, stock trading, financial news and market commentaries.
  • CyberFund, professional commentary and the latest news on fund management companies from around the world.
  • CyberMortgage, property valuation, instant mortgage approval and DreamHouse search.
  • CyberConsumerLoans, Consumer loans account enquiry and repayment instruction.
  • CyberCreditCards, allows you to check your credit card and bonus point balance anytime, and redeem gifts with your bonus points.
  • CyberInsurance, instant online approval for insurance, including travel, medical and household insurance.
  • CyberMPF, online MPF services, including account balance enquiries, fund switching, and change of investment choices.

  • New Interface, through the new interface, you can access to those frequently-used functions and switch between the instruction languages easily:

New Interface Image

In addition to above-mentioned services, Cybertrading Service, Instant approval of TravelSafe insurance are in place to provide you with the most comprehensive online banking services.


New Payment Function
"MyCyberWorld" brings Cyberbanking customers a new world of innovative banking services. From now on, you can pay over 230 bills to a wide variety of merchants through Cyberbanking without any charge.

To enhance the user friendliness, the payment function will be divided into three main categories: CyberPayment, JET Payment and Bill Payment.

You can make use of the "JET Payment" and "CyberPayment" to settle your bills to the JETCO merchants and CyberPayment merchants respectively. For payment to new merchants, you can simply access to the "Bill Payment" function, follow the online instructions and then input the payment details accordingly.

Furthermore, you can search and pay your bill of specific merchants with the "Search" function of each category. For the detailed merchant lists, please refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" at Cyberbanking website


Property Loans - China
Now, you can access and operate your China property instalment loan account(s) with the uses of the following services via the Cyberbanking:

Account Enquiry - enquire your China property loans accounts details including original loan amount, outstanding principal, mortgage loan interest rate, payment term, payment history, etc.

Requisition For Documents - request copies of the following documents in respect of your China property loans accounts.

  • Repayment Schedule
  • Yearly Statement (for fiscal year)
  • Loans Payment Information (for the past 30 payment transactions)
  • Confirmation Letter for the Ownership of the Property
  • Copy of Title Deed

Repayment Instruction - place instructions for partial or full repayment of mortgage loans.

Mortgage Calculators - compute the instalment amount and maximum loan amount according to the selected criteria. Also, you can access a monthly repayment table with monthly repayment amounts for different combinations of tenors and interest rates.

Mortgage Terms Enquiry - enquire different mortgage terms.

Mortgage Application - submit the mortgage application form online.


Market Express - Extensive Personalized Services of MyCyberWorld
From now on, you can access the Market Express via Cyberbanking - Internet. The service provides latest financial news, stock quote, top 10 gainers & losers and company information, etc. Lets you know the latest market trend anytime, anywhere.

Latest News* - provides latest financial news, company news and China B shares information, etc.

Stock Quote - provides stock quote, major Hong Kong and World Indices.

Top 10 - provides top 10 gainers and top 10 losers.

Company Information - provides company portfolio and corporate information, etc.

Moreover, existing Hong Kong Dollar Deposit Rates, Foreign Currency Deposit Rates, Foreign T/T Exchange Rates and FX Margin Trading Information are available. So whenever opportunities arise, you will always be one step ahead of the market.

*Supreme Account customer can enjoy Dow Jones Real-time Market News totally free.


Bill Presentment
Now, you can access our "Bill Presentment" service to manage and pay your bills through the Cyberbanking - Internet.

With this service, you can also:

  • create your own personalised bill payment homepage;
  • link directly to your biller's website to view detailed bill information;
  • review your payment transaction history; and
  • set up automatic e-mail payment reminders.

To enjoy this "free-of-charge" service, you only need to select the "Bill Payment" service from the main menu and then click the "Bill Presentment" after successful login to Cyberbanking. On-line Registration is required when you first use this service.


Voice Recognition - Stock Quote & IVR Stock Trading
A new Interactive Voice Recognition Service, pioneered by East Asia Securities, allows customers to obtain real-time stock quotes using simple voice commands.