In the new millennium, technology will make banking friendlier, easier and more convenient. BEA introduces to you Cyberbanking - the innovative and comprehensive banking service that redefines banking for the 21st Century. Now with our unique Cyberbanking, you can manage your finances any time, anywhere, via a variety of electronic channels:

Available to All Account Holders
All account holders with BEA are eligible to enjoy the service. These include holders of the SupremeGold Account, Supreme Account, i-Account, Hong Kong Dollar Current, US Dollar Current, Multi-currencies Statement Savings, Hong Kong Dollar or Foreign Currency Savings, Time Deposit, Passbook Gold, Foreign Exchange Margin Trading, VISA, MasterCard and MPF accounts.

With one unique Cyberbanking Account Number, you can access up to 12 related accounts to enjoy a complete range of banking services, including account enquiry, funds transfer and many more, through various electronic channels.

Easy to Apply and Free of Charge
To apply, simply drop in at your nearest branch of BEA and fill in an application form. Moreover, you may open an account on Internet channel at the website Using Cyberbanking is free of charge. For further information, please call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2211 1333.

Cyberbanking - Internet

Your Superhighway to Financial Freedom
The development of the Internet marks a turning point in technology, and also enables us to bring you a more personal, more timely service. "Cyberbanking - Internet" now serves your needs better with state-of-the-art technology, keeping the gates to your financial affairs open, 24 hours a day.

Comprehensive Service with Full Security
To access "Cyberbanking - Internet", simply visit the website of Cyberbanking at or the website of the Bank at and enter your Cyberbanking Account Number/User Login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). You are then free to manage your finances, whether it is an account enquiry, or funds transfer. To make sure you have a secure environment for banking transactions, "Cyberbanking - Internet" employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption technology, which means all information transmitted between your PC and the Bank through the Internet is protected by international standard security at all times. In addition, different PINs for "Cyberbanking - Internet" can be used to segregate from the other electronic channels, giving you a further measure of security against leakage of your PIN from other channels.


Cyberbanking - Mobile Phone & PDA

Cyberbanking's next generation mobile phone and PDA services are totally telecom-independent. This means that you do not need to register with any particular mobile network operator in order to enjoy Cyberbanking. For your added convenience, it is also no longer necessary to replace your mobile phone SIM card or pre-install software on your PDA to access services. Simply register through Cyberbanking - Internet to enjoy convenient e-banking services anytime, anywhere.

Registration is Easy!

1. Login to Cyberbanking - Internet and register your mobile phone number, mobile network operator, and related details.
2. Confirm your registration by inputting your password using your mobile phone or PDA.


Cyberbanking - Phone

Financial Management Power at Your Fingertips
Telephone is now an essential part of every household, and our natural starting point to bring modern banking convenience into your home. Through this simple communications device, "Cyberbanking - Phone" gives you the power to manage your finances whenever your wish, in the comfort of your own home or office.

A Touch of Banking Convenience
Just dial (852) 2211 1888 with any touch-tone telephone, enter your Cyberbanking Account Number and PIN, and you'll be able to access your own world of financial convenience. Whether you are in Hong Kong, China or overseas, you can access your accounts, 24 hours a day.


Cyberbanking - Kiosk

Your 24-hour Gateway to Modern Banking
From now on, you will discover "Cyberbanking - Kiosk" at selected branches and locations. Utilising advanced technology, our Kiosk allows you to perform a large variety of financial transactions including stock trading, as well as providing you with detailed bank information.

Convenience, Just Around the Corner
With full PC capabilities and a user-friendly touch screen, the Kiosk allows you to perform most banking transactions, such as account enquiry and funds transfer. Through the Kiosk, you can search and view products and services information or perform stock trading. You'll also be able to send us your opinions and suggestions at the Kiosk.


Cyberbanking - PowerPhone

Bank of East Asia is the first bank in Hong Kong to offer banking services through PowerPhone, an interactive public payphone system linked up with the website of Cyberbanking. Each PowerPhone is equipped a touch-screen, through which customers can manage finances and investments.


Cyberbanking - ATM

Through Cyberbanking Card, you can access your account(s) round the clock with full range of banking services, such as cash withdraw, funds transfer, bill payment and balance enquiry via the ATMs of "JETCO" network. You also can withdraw cash at the ATMs with "PLUS" symbol around the world.

With more, the new Cyberbanking Renminbi Card enables you conveniently withdraw Renminbi through more than 50,000 ATMs and make payment at over 400,000 merchant outlets that display the "China UnionPay" symbol on the Mainland. The transaction amount is directly debited from Renminbi deposit account. You can also visit more than 140 BEA ATMs to operate your HKD deposit accounts in Hong Kong. One Card, two currencies, countless benefits.


Cyberbanking - Mobile Phone*

Bank Easily, Everywhere You Go
As mobile phone becomes an item of modern necessity, we are keeping up with the pace of your life. "Cyberbanking - Mobile Phone" provides you with an ultra-convenient banking channel, everywhere you go. Jointly brought to you by The Bank of East Asia together with major telecommunication service providers, you can now manage you finances through your mobile phone: state-of-the-art technology, made simple to work for you.

Financial Management When You Are On the Go
You can now access a variety of banking functions including stock trading with your mobile phone, anywhere you are. Banking service menus and financial functions are displayed on your mobile phone screen clearly, making operations easier. To access banking and financial management functions, just follow the instructions and key in the option you want with the keypad.


Simply visit any of our branches or visit the website of Cyberbanking directly at for further information on the Cyberbanking and application.

Customer Service Hotline: (852) 2211 1333

*The service is provided by Hong Kong CSL Limited and Hutchison Telecom.